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1-Interpretation of Materials with similar meanings: Concrete material is also called with many different names to be suitable for the demand of each country around the world.

Concrete is called as beton, cement, fiberglass, fibercement, terrazzo, TerraStone or light weight concrete. And the customer often makes the name for these private nouns is beton. 

2- The formation of the above Material Terms: The Material listed above is formed as follows: The main ingredients are Cement, sand, Stone and fiberglass

All mixed as together, the mixture made of sand - stone - cement - fiberglass. In the process of manufacturing, fiberglass will be mixed with cement to make the products and then these products will be reinforced with the glass nets with the purpose of making themselves become stronger.

The completed items which are applied the colors chosen by the clients, will be looked like natural cement products.

Other materials as concrete, fiberglass, terrazzo, terrastone are also similar to beton explained above.

With the technique of the production we are applying currently, the product’s weight can be slighter than 10 years ago, but it cannot still be durable and slight as other stuffs such as poly stone. 

Furthermore, although beton commodities made by us are light, but its durability is not guaranteed, easily broken and difficultly suffer the strong impacts.

Besides, beton items have often been considerably utilized outdoor. Due to the fact that, the waterproof function of beton items is not absolute, so when the products are placed outside in the long period of time that will be the key factor influencing and making them be in an osmose. As a result, the product’s look often tends to become worse.

However, we have significantly researched as well as developed to release a new generation of beton material which can be used indoor and outdoor well because we already put into operation the Nano Waterproof technology.

The Nano Waterproof will approximately warranty for the products not to be gotten the osmose from inside to outside that can remarkably satisfy our client’s demand and make a good impression on the customers.

3-Positive : 

A-Price can be cheaper in comparison with all other Materials

B- Easy to produce the Medium and small sizes

C- Easy to produce with Light Weight for medium and small sizes 

D- Waterproof for inside and outside use Nano Technical is perfect

4- Negative : 

A - The Products are packed direct on pallets, With Mail Order packing requirement needs high cost and limit loading quantity

B - Limited by the strong impact which will make the products fragile.

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